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Repair of pumps and hydraulic motors

Interfluid Hidráulica has recently made a major investment in a new test bench that allows us to repair any pump or motor on the market with the best guarantee of functioning. This is innovative technology and is unique in Spain; it allows us to perform tests in dynamic conditions on any of the elements to be tested.


Development of complete hydraulic systems

The elements sold by Interfluid Hidráulica means that it can configure a complete hydraulic system. The extensive experience of our personnel means that they can always recommend the best element for each circuit or application.


Engineering of clients’ bespoke circuits

More than 15 years of experience and a history of projects for big-name clients endorse us as a leading engineer in the development of oil-hydraulic circuits.


Extensive stock of spare parts

Interfluid Hidráulica has an extensive stock of spare parts that ensures that our clients receive their parts in the minimum possible time, for repairs, new units or spare parts.


Facilities fully equipped with the latest technology

The Interfluid Hidráulica facilities are characterized by their location, which allows for fluid flow of goods and by the performance of the equipment. Both the workshop and offices have all the necessary elements to ensure rapid and effective service for our clients.


The team makes the difference

Compared to our competitors, Interfluid Hidráulica stands out because of its team. Not just because of their technical knowledge and experience but also because of their human quality and their treatment of our clients.